DMS Incorporated
Why use custom bar shapes from DMS, Inc.? There are many advantages to cold finished custom shapes. The most obvious is the shape itself.

  • Saves machine time and tooling
  • Reduces scrap

The cold finished shaped profile of the bar is designed to allow you to just cut your part from the bar--like slicing bologna--with little or no machining required. Depending on the configuration, tolerances can be as close as
+/- .001".

Tensile and yield strengths and surface hardness are increased by the cold finishing process. In some cases, mechanical properties can be enhanced enough through the shaping process to eliminate the need for heat treating. Parts made from cold finished bar shapes are typically stronger and tougher than machined parts.

The surface of our custom bar shapes is also enhanced. You get a smooth, hard surface, free of tooling marks. This can eliminate the need for secondary finishing operations.